Welcome to the "Haunt Rater Paranormal Society!"

    "What are you afraid of?"

     After 6 successful and growing years of "Finding Fear" we have now expanded our website to provide you with the best attractions that are out there.

     We started off by focusing on the Central Pennsylvania area in 2008 and now in 2014 we are bringing you the very best in the haunted attraction industry!

     So, how do we find those attractions that are #1 or the top in the industry.  Well, with over hundreds of attractions out there and more starting up it is definitely a hard task. This is why we do not only go out and find them ourselves but, we look to the fans for help.

     This is what sets us apart when looking for the best haunted attractions in which to choose from year after year. The fans are what truly make an attraction favorable or unfavorable for the masses. If the fans are not feeling the fear then, it is a true indicator of the attraction itself.

     We are not only here to help the fans to find the "fear" but, we are also here to help attractions bring the fear to the fans!

     We look forward to assisting everyone in this endeavor as we move forward!