Brighton Asylum Information:

Address: 2 Brighton Avenue

              Passaic, NJ 07055



Phone: 201-716-2827


Brighton Asylum

Brighton's industrial complex is a series of warehouses that were used for housing the sick and mentally disabled back in the mid 1940's. After years of harsh living conditions and grotesque medical experiments, the patients eventually over-ran the facility, and seized control of it.

For years, locals complained of screams coming from the complex in the middle of the night. Finally, the state investigated into several staff disappearances, and the complex was permanently closed in 1952.

No patients or staff were ever found. Some say that on foggy nights, patients and staff can still be seen wandering in and out of the complex. Those brave enough to enter the abandoned asylum are never seen nor heard from again....



Throughout the Year Brigton Asylum Brings you 13 Haunted Events!! Until October 31st you can purchase tickets for all 13 Events at a discounted price of $99.00 General Admission (SAVE $226) or $149.00 R.I.P. Ticket! (SAVE $306) After October 31st tickets go back to regular price and will only be available individually for $25 per event. Save money and stay screaming all year!

13 Haunted Events Includes:

Brighton Asylum - September/October 2013


Santa's Slay - December 7th, 13th, 14th

WARNING: NOT FOR SMALL CHILDREN!!!! Put some pep back into your step this holiday season with "Santa's Slay". Its everything a horror fan could want for Christmas! Take a stroll through Santa's workshop and see lobotomized elves mindlessly packing demented toys! Evil Jack Frost, rabid reindeer, chainsaw-wielding Santa's, and SO much more! You will even have the opportunity to get your photo taken with our zombie Santa in the traditional "mall photo" style, but with our demented twist! This is a must see event. We are going bigger and badder this season, with even more Christmas "fear"!

Dark Valentine - February 15th

Brighton Asylum is back to help you celebrate Valentine's weekend the way only we know how! So hold on to your significant other for dear life and try to navigate our dark hallways and corridors. Unique characters, themed rooms, new scares, plus screen-used props and costumes on display from "Warm Bodies", "My Bloody Valentine 3D", and more. Come have your heart broken at our special "Dark Valentine" haunted attraction event! Now in its second year!

Fright Night - March 1st

Brighton Asylum opens for this unique night of fright! So bring your holy water and garlic pearls and whatever you do, don't get bitten!!

4 Leaf Cleaver - March 15th

It's St. Patty's Day at Brighton Asylum, and your luck just ran out!

Scream Break - March 29th

Come party with the patients at Brighton Asylum. Its nothing like the beach!

Date Night - April 5th

It's Date Night at Brighton Asylum. You bring the date, we'll bring the SCARES!

Rottentail Slaughterhouse - April 19th

First we ruined Christmas with our epic "Santa's Slay". Then we broke your heart at "Dark Valentine". Now prepare for the next holiday we're slicing up! It's Easter time at Rottentail Slaughterhouse, but he's not hiding eggs. He's hiding bodies!

Night of the Creeps - May 3rd

Your favorite creeps will be visiting Brighton Asylum for the night. First, was the night HE came home. Now, Its the night they ALL come home.

Zombie Prom Night - May 17th

Brighton Asylum hosts its first annual Zombie Prom Night. Join our on-site photo contest. Attend in zombie attire and make-up to enter. Best couple will be named zombie prom "king and queen" with their photo posted on our facebook page, and a pair of FREE 2014-2015 Brighton Asylum season passes, with access to every event we hold from October 2014 through June 2015.

Killer Klowns - May 31st

Like clowns? Well, you won't like these! Our clowns will be wielding sparking chainsaws and super loud custom strobing clown horns that will have you jumping out of your shoes and running for dear life! Creepy clowns, big clowns, little clowns, skinny clowns, fat clowns and everything in between. If you hate clowns, test your limits by attending our "Killer Klown" night! There's nothing funny about it!

Friday The 13th - June 13th

Your group gets one glow stick, you sign a waiver, and then we,...TURN OUT THE LIGHTS!!! Friday the 13th at Brighton Asylum. Its definitely going to be YOUR unlucky day!

Zombie Paintball - June 28th

Are you a good shot? You better be, because these zombies are hungry and only a head shot can stop them! Don't just avoid the zombies,...TAKE...THEM...DOWN!! Make sure you are fully stocked. You don't want to run out in that crucial moment! NOTE: do not bring your own paintball guns and paintballs. Our paintballs are designed to be used with our own paintball guns.

Experience all 13 Events at a discounted Price, but Hurry! This Offer only last through October 31st! 

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