Night Terrors Information:

Address: 4193 Route 7

              Schoharie, NY 12157


 Phone: 518-925-4698


A Terrifying Haunted Halloween Experience is Just Down The Road

Haunted Hay Ride · Haunted Corn Maze

Get your Fright On… as you travel through the terrifying Halloween Haunt known as Night Terrors Haunted Farm in Schoharie, NY.

As you pass through the corn fields this autumn you'll feel the presence of the many restless souls waiting in the darkness. You can run but you'll never hide from those that have been waiting for your visit.

Finding our outdoor "haunted house attraction" from anywhere in the NY Capital Region and Mohawk Valley is easy and well worth the frightening experience that awaits you on our Haunted Hayride and walk-thru Haunted Corn Maze.




This fall, the gateway to NIGHT TERRORS is widening again. The evil tree's gluttonous roots pulse beneath the surface of the old farm. Sending thousands of serrated tentacles ripping through the earth as it searches for a new vessel. Someone to finish what it began last fall.


He sits in the field. A pumpkin misshapen from rot, leather-skinned from the sun. He's perfectly disturbing and composed of an unearthly substance. Called upon by the tree, he carefully rises, deformed and unnatural, testing his new limbs. A jagged, toothy grin spreads beneath his leprous nose and chilling, hollow eyes.


Fear settles like suffocating, black smoke on the town as the
insane, the infected and the creatures of NIGHT TERRORS
gather to him. They feel the tree's greedy hunger
flowing through him and know it's time to harvest
fresh souls, raw fear and innocent blood.


The tree chose him. They will follow him.

Reach Out Into the Night… If You Dare

You're shaking with fear as the Haunted Hayride takes you around the first turn; something jumps out of the darkness and sends shivers down your spine. You can't escape what is about to come next and the blood drains from your face as the zombies appear out of nowhere… and terrorizing screams can be heard from the corn field.

Haunted Hayride

Daring souls ride through the woods into a crazed town, overtaken by the realm of Night Terrors and their master, known as the Harvester.

Haunted Corn Maze

Once the ride starts, it can't be stopped. You will have to survive the corn maze to see the light of day again.

If you feel that you'd like to talk to us before or after your visit to our outdoor "haunted house attraction," don't be afraid; just reach out and we'll grab on and help you to enjoy our region's premiere haunted attraction.


Admission $13.00
Includes haunted hayride and corn maze.

V.I.P. Admission $26.00
No waiting in line.

(A $1.00 service charge will be added
for each ticket purchased on line.)

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Get Your Badge of Courage

  Open: 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
(or until everyone in line has gone through)

Last tickets sold at 10:00 pm