Haunt Rater's Scariest Attraction 2016

Scariest Attraction 2016
FrightTown - OR
The Haunted Ghost Town - OR
Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride - PA
Terror Behind the Walls - PA
Field of Screams - PA
The Legendary Jason's Woods - PA
Spook Haven - PA
Haunted Mill ScreamPark - PA
Horror Fest at Shady Brook Farm - PA
Altered Nightmares - PA
Reaper's Revenge - PA
Pennhurst Institute of Fear - PA
Waldorf Estate of Fear - PA
Shocktoberfest - PA
LuLu's House of Horrors - PA
Hundred Acres Manor - PA
Circle of Screams - PA
Fear Hollow - PA
C. Casola Farms - PA
Haunted Hillside - PA
301 Devil's Playground - MD
Sleepy Hollow Hayride - PA
Fright Factory - PA
Field of Screams - RI
Haunted Hill - RI
Factory or Terror - RI
Scream Acres Haunted House - SC
Kreepy Hollow Haunted House - SC
Fear Farm Haunted Attraction - SC
Nightmare Dungeon - SC
The Hall of Horrors - SC
MadWorld Haunted Attraction - SC
Field of Screams - SC
The Dark Knight's Terror Trail - SC
Fear Asylum - SD
Fright Works - TN
Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern - TN
Dead Land - TN
Nashville Nightmares - TN
Nightmare Hill at Cherokee Caverns - TN
Auburntown Asylum - TN
Sinister Chaos - TN
Haunted Woods - TN
Cutting Edge - TX
House Of Torment - TX
Thrillvania Thrill Park - TX
Nightmare On The Bayou - TX
Terror Nights Haunted House - TX
13th Floor - TX
Creepy Hollow Haunted House - TX
Haunted Hotel - TX
Scream Hollow - TX
Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus - TX
Castle of Chaos - TX
Nightmare on 13th Haunted House - UT
Fear Factory - UT
Haunted Nightmares Haunted House - VA
Darkwood Manor - VA
Wicked Woods Haunted Forest - VA
Haunted Hunt Club Farm - VA
Fields of Fear - VA
My Morbid Mind - WA
Haunted Nightmare - WA
The Asylum - WV
Terror on Rural Street - WI
Burial Chamber - WI
Mars Haunted House - WI
Dr. Scary's Haunted House - WI
Abandoned Haunted Complex - WI
Wisconsin Scaryland - WI
The Dark Side Haunted Adventure - WI
The Hill Has Eyes - WI
Factory of Fear - WI
Trail of Fear Haunted Attraction - OK
Thunderbird Trail of Fear - OK
The Sanctuary - OK
Hex House - OK
Fear Forest - OH
Spooky Ranch - OH
Lake Eerie FEARFEST - OH
Carnival of Horrors - OH
Horror Acres - OH
Factory of Terror - OH
The Haunted Prision Experience - OH
The Dent Schoolhouse - OH
The Fear Xperience - OH
Haunted Planet Experience - OH
Haunted Schoolhouse and Lab - OH
Land of Illusion - OH
Haunted Cave - OH
The Legends of Horror - OH
Frightmares at Buck Hill - MN
Nightmare Hallow Scream Park - MN
Nightmare Hallow Scream Park - NC
Hickory Grove Haunted Trail - NC
Camp Fear - NC
Haunted Hunt Club Farm - NC
Midway Wicked Woods - NC
Aberdeen Fear Factory - NC
Headless Horseman - NY
Gateway's Haunted Playhouse - NY
Blood Manor - NY
Double M Haunted Hayrides - NY
Pure Terror Scream Park - NY
Bayville Scream Park - NY
Forest of Fear - NY
Rolling Hills Asylum - NY
House of Horrors and Haunted Catacombs - NY
Frightworld - NY
Night Terrors Haunted Farm - NY
Heartstoppers Haunted House - TX
Scream Country Haunted Forest - TX
BANE Haunted House - NJ
Corner of Chaos - NJ
Bamboo Gardens Walk of Fear - NJ
Haunted Scarehouse - NJ
C Casola Farms Haunted Hayride of Terror - NJ
Fear Factory - NJ
Brighton Asylum - NJ
Field of Terror - NJ
Valley of Terror - NJ
Haunted Hills Estate - PA
Haunted Overload - NH
Nightmare New England - NH
Spookyworld Haunted House - NH
Haunted Acres - NH
Fright Kingdom - NH
The Ghoullog - NH
Canobie Lake Park Screemfest - NH
The Asylum - NV
Hotel Fear - NV
Scary Acres - NE
Carnival of Terror - NE
Carnival of Terror - MO
Creepyworld - MO
The Haunting of Lemp Brewery - MO
Necropolis Haunted House - MO
Fearfest Haunted House - MO
The Beast - MO
Edge of Hell - MO
Phobius Haunted House - MO
Bailey Haunted Firehouse - MS
Fright Farm Haunted House - MN
Nightmare Hallow Scream Park - MN
Dead End Hayride - MN
Erebus Haunted Attraction - MI
The Niles Haunted House - MI
Night Terrors - MI
Jackson's Underworld - MI
The Boneyard - MI
Phobia House - MI
The Haunt - MI
Realm of Darkness - MI
Dark Legacy - MI
Screams in the Dark - MI
13 Nights at Jiminy - MA
Hysteria at Connors Farm - MA
Barrett’s Haunted Mansion - MA
Bennett'ts Curse - MD
Laurel House of Horror - MD
Legends of the Fog - MD
Markoff's Haunted Forest - MD
Twisted Fields of Terror - MD
Field of Screams - MD
301 Devil's Playground - MD
Ocean City Screams Haunted House - MD
Destination Haunt - ME
Haunted Overload - ME
The 13th Gate - LA
RISE: Dark Souls Unleashed - LA
Tree Farm Massacre - LA
The Mortuary - LA
Sinister Tombs Haunted House - KY
The Mayhem Mansion - KY
Field of Screams - KS
Thrashers House of Terror - IA
Tormented Souls - IA
Hannah Haunted Acres - IN
Soul Takers Acres - IN
Stillwell Manor - IN
Indiana Fear Farm - IN
Evil on Erie - IN
Indy Screampark - IN
Basement of the Dead - IL
Statesville Haunted Prison - IL
City of the Dead - IL
Asylum Xperiment - IL
The Massacre Haunted House - IL
Dungeon of Doom - IL
Cottonwood Farm - IL
The Blood Shed Haunted House & Horror Hayride - IL
CarnEvil Haunted House - IL
Statesville Zombie Farm Pinball - IL
Netherworld Haunted House - GA
Gates of Misery - GA
Forest of Fear - GA
Chambers of Horror - GA
Fear the Woods - GA
13 Stories Haunted House - GA
Talmadge Brothers Funeral Home - GA
Screamageddon - FL
Legends A Haunting at Old Town - FL
House of Horror - FL
Haunted Angelus - FL
Haunt Nights - FL
Scream City - DC
Nightmare's Haunted Attraction - DE
Screams at the Beach - DE
Dark Manor Haunted House - CT
Nightmare on Wolcott Street - CT
The Asylum Haunted House - CO
13th Floor Haunted House - CO
Scream Acres - CO
Fritzler's Corn Maze - CO
Haunted Field of Screams - CO
The Frightmare Compound - CO
Ghouls Gulch - CO
Reapers Hollow - CO
Fear Overload - CA
House of Blackbeard - CA
Cemetarium Haunted House - CA
Castle of the Dead - CA
Fear Factory Haunted House - AR
Temple of Terror -AR
Temple of Terror - AR
Temple of Terror - AR
The Haunted Hotel - AR
13th Floor Haunted House - AZ
Chambers of Fear - AZ
The Crypt Haunted Attraction - AZ
AZ Field of Screams - AZ
Gateway to Darkness - AK
Hollis Haunted Chicken House - AL
Valley of Fear - PA
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